Indulge in Timeless Barratt Sweets with Duncans Sweet Shop

At Duncans Sweet Shop, we’re delighted to offer an extensive selection of Barratt sweets, from classic Dip Dabs, Fruit Salads, and Black Jacks to many other delightful treats.
Established in 1848, Barratt has a long history of crafting unique and delicious sweets loved by both adults and children for generations. With a reputation for creating innovative and tasty confections such as Wham bars, Sherbet Fountains, Fruit Salads, Flumps, Black Jacks, Refreshers, and Dip Dabs, Barratt has consistently been a leader in delivering iconic and cherished sweets to the British public. At Duncans Sweet Shop, we present a variety of mouth-watering Barratt confectionery, perfect for treating your family, friends, that special someone, or even yourself.

Relive Sweet Memories with Barratt Retro Sweets

Duncans Sweet Shop offers a vast collection of Barratt retro sweets, allowing you to experience a sense of nostalgia while enjoying some of your all-time favourites. Take your time exploring our range of delightful and flavourful Barratt sweets, including popular confections like Catherine Wheels, Flumps, Dolly Mixture, and Foam Bananas. We proudly stock some of the finest Barratt retro sweets! Indulge in our delectable Milk Teeth or classic retro shrimps – we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

A Wide Array of Delicious Barratt Confectionery at Duncans Sweet Shop

With a large assortment of tempting Barratt confectionery, we guarantee that you’ll be spoiled for choice at Duncans Sweet Shop. Discover our full selection of Barratt retro sweets today and treat yourself to the flavours of the past!
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