York Fruits & Newberry Jewels: Reliving the Magic of Classic Christmas Treats

Era of Innocence: Confections That Defined a Generation

Christmas during the 70’s and 80’s in the UK wasn’t just about festive décor, heartwarming carols, and eagerly anticipated gifts. It was also about the anticipation of indulging in the nation’s cherished sweets. Among these, two reigned supreme, evoking powerful memories: York Fruits and Newberry Jewels.

York Fruits - Sweets

York Fruits: A Taste of Yuletide Magic

For many, a box of York Fruits was synonymous with the festive season. Their refined, sugar-coated exterior gave way to luscious, fruit-flavored soft jellies inside, each echoing the flavour of Britain’s freshest fruits. They weren’t just confections but an experience – a return to a simpler time when candies were crafted with pride and savoured slowly, each bite a delightful moment captured in time.

Newberry Jewels: The Unsung Symphony of the Season

Though equally cherished, Newberry Jewels presented a twist to the traditional jellied sweet. With an unassuming appearance, they concealed a secret – a liquid centre bursting with vibrant flavour. It was this unexpected surprise that made them a classic, shared between grandparents, parents, and children alike.

New Berry Fruits Sweets

Duncan’s Sweet Shop: Crafting Nostalgia

At our sweet shop, we believe in celebrating this rich heritage. We honour the legacy of these timeless confections, ensuring that every piece you savour evokes the genuine flavour and sentiment of the era. These aren’t just candies; they’re morsels of history, transporting you back to snowy Decembers of old, filled with joy, laughter, and shared memories.

A Timeless Tradition Awaits

Today, as modernity constantly evolves our tastes and choices, Duncan’s Sweet Shop beckons you to pause and relish the allure of vintage candies. For those reminiscing the golden era, and for the new generation seeking authentic tastes, we bridge the past and the present. Dive into a box of York Fruits or surprise your senses with a Newberry Jewel. Experience the timeless art of British confectionery, and let the age-old magic come alive, one candy at a time.