Swizzels: Britain’s Time-Honoured Legacy in Confectionery

When one speaks of Britain’s confectionery heritage, the name Swizzels resonates as an enduring emblem of sweet nostalgia. From its humble beginnings in the heart of East London to its modern-day confectionery masterpieces, Swizzels stands as a testament to Britain’s rich tapestry of sugary delights.

An East London Tale

Our journey with Swizzels commences in 1928, amidst the bustling streets of East London. Here, the visionary Matlow brothers, Maurice and Alfred, embarked on a mission. Their dream? To infuse a dash of sweetness into every Briton’s life. These were challenging times, with the nation standing at the crossroads of change, yet the spirit of enterprise and innovation was unmistakable.

Swizzels Factory since 1928

War, Resilience and New Beginnings

The echoes of World War II presented a challenge, but Swizzels braced against the storm. With air raids threatening London, the company’s heart and soul moved to the serene environs of New Mills, Derbyshire. This wasn’t just a strategic relocation—it was a commitment to the nation, ensuring that even in the harshest of times, the comfort of a sweet treat was within arm’s reach.

Crafting Iconic British Sweets

The post-war era witnessed Swizzels innovating relentlessly. Enter the 1950s, and the UK saw the birth of the quintessentially British ‘Love Hearts’. These effervescent tablets, with their cheeky messages, soon became a cultural phenomenon, a subtle nod to Britain’s quirky wit and charm.

This was but a glimpse of Swizzels’ ingenuity. From the two-toned Double Lolly to the zesty Fruity Pops and the intriguingly flavoured Parma Violets, Swizzels continued to craft treats that soon found a place in every British household.


Unwavering Quality: A Royal Seal of Approval

Being British is synonymous with upholding standards, and Swizzels has always been at the forefront of quality. Their dedication to excellence is so profound that they’ve been bestowed with Royal Warrants, a nod to their unparalleled commitment to crafting the finest sweets.

Community: The Heart of Swizzels

While candies are their craft, community is their soul. New Mills hasn’t just been a location; it’s been home. Swizzels stands as New Mills’ pride, intertwined deeply with the community, supporting local endeavours and always ensuring that the well-being of their dedicated employees stands paramount.

Love Hearts

Swizzels in Contemporary Britain

Today, as we navigate the digital age, Swizzels remains rooted in tradition whilst dancing to the tunes of modernity. Their legacy of confectionery, steeped in British values and traditions, effortlessly melds with contemporary tastes, ensuring that every generation finds a bit of Britain in each Swizzels treat.

Swizzels isn’t just a brand; it’s a chapter in Britain’s rich culinary history. It is a story of resilience, innovation, and above all, a love for sweets that transcends time. Here’s raising a toast to Swizzels — Britain’s cherished confectionery jewel!