The Sweet Symphony of the ’90s

The 1990s. A defining era for denim jackets, Tamagotchis, and iconic TV shows. But, perhaps most memorably, it was a golden age for sweets. Let’s travel back and taste those memories together.

Cadbury Chronicles

  • Dairy Milk: Not just a chocolate, but a shared experience. Perfectly paired with a *Full House* episode.
  • Fruit & Nut: A tantalising treat to savour during *The Power Rangers* adventures.
  • Time Out: The ’90s answer to snack-time, especially during a *Buffy the Vampire Slayer* marathon.

Swizzels’ Sweet Sensations

  • Love Hearts: The candies that whispered secret messages across school tables.
  • Drumstick Lollies: Ideal for reminiscing about those *Saved by the Bell* days.
  • Parma Violets: The iconic sweet that polarised playgrounds across the UK.


The Magic of Maynards

  • Wine Gums: Offering a hint of sophistication, perfect for fans of *The Wonder Years*.
  • Jelly Babies: The chewy treat we’d eagerly share while discussing the latest *Friends* episode.

Jelly Babies

Nostalgic Nibbles

  • Push Pops: The schoolyard status symbol. Essential for any *Knight Rider* watch party.
  • Ring Pops: The ’90s bling, worn with pride, and enjoyed during every *The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air* rerun.

Woolworths: The Heartbeat of High Street

Who could forget the joy of Woolworths’ ‘Pick N Mix’? The rush of filling a bag with an assortment of sugary treasures. Though Woolworths is no longer with us, its spirit lives on in places that cherish these memories – like right here at Duncan’s Sweet Shop.

Woolworths 1980's

Our collection invites you on a nostalgic journey back to this golden era. A time when Raleigh Choppers roamed the streets, and Saturday night TV meant *Gladiators*.

Come, take a trip down memory lane. Embrace the joy, the tastes, and the memories of the ’90s. And remember, while times change, the classics remain timeless at Duncan’s Sweet Shop.

Relive the ’90s, one sweet at a time, with Duncan’s Sweet Shop.