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The Ultimate Guide to Pick n Mix: Concoct Your Dream Candy Bag

Welcome to the magical world of Pick n Mix, where your sweetest fantasies come to life! This is a place where every sweet tooth is indulged, and a paradise where every sweet dream is within reach.

Setting Your Candy Vision

Just as every dream begins with a vision, your perfect Pick n Mix adventure begins with picturing your ideal candy combination. Consider whether you’d prefer the nostalgic delight of gummies, the fizzy sensation of cola bottles, or the chewy joy of jelly babies.

Start with the Classics

A splendid Pick n Mix bag always includes some timeless classics. Take the delightful Haribo Goldbears for instance. The colourful bears are a sweet staple, with their fruity burst of flavours.
Haribo Goldbears in a rainbow of flavours, a classic pick n mix option

Incorporating Unique Treats

Don’t forget to spice up your candy assortment with some unique treats. The Haribo Giant Strawbs are sure to add a dash of fruitiness to your bag. These jumbo-sized, strawberry flavoured goodies make for a fun and delightful addition.
Haribo Giant Strawbs, an exciting addition to your pick n mix selection

Adding a Fizzy Favourite

Give your Pick n Mix bag an effervescent touch with the irresistible Haribo Happy Cola Bottles. The bubbly charm of these cola bottles is sure to tickle your taste buds and ignite a playful joy.
Fizzy Haribo Happy Cola Bottles, a must-have for any pick n mix

A Touch of Jelly Joy

Round off your candy selection with the chewy and colourful Haribo Jelly Babies. These lovable little babies are the embodiment of sugary delight, their jelly bodies melting gently into a symphony of sweetness.
Haribo Jelly Babies, the perfect chewy treat for your pick n mix

How long can you keep Pick n Mix sweets?

Now that you’ve crafted your dream bag, you may wonder, “How long can you keep Pick n Mix sweets?” Generally, your sweet treats can be enjoyed for a couple of weeks, if stored properly in a cool, dry place. But really, with a bag so tempting, who could resist for that long?

After all, the real joy of a Pick n Mix bag is not just in its creation, but in the delightful moments savoured as you dive into its sugary depths. So why wait? Embark on your dream candy adventure and taste the sweet magic of your own perfect Pick n Mix.