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The Supreme Guide to Pick n Mix: Assemble Your Dream Sweet Bag

Welcome to the splendid world of Pick n Mix, a sweet utopia where your sugary dreams materialise! Here, every candy lover finds their joy, and every sweet aspiration becomes a tangible delight.

Initiate With a Vision

Your delightful Pick n Mix journey commences with envisioning your perfect sweet bag. Do you fancy the soft texture of jellies, the tangy bite of rainbow strips, or the delightful diversity of a supermix?

The First Scoop: An All-rounder Delight

The first gem in your Pick n Mix treasure is often a classic. Consider the versatile Haribo Supermix. These multicoloured, multi-textured treats offer a wide array of flavours to start your candy adventure.
Haribo Supermix, an eclectic start for your pick n mix bag

The Second Scoop: The Sweet Chew

Next, treat your taste buds to the irresistible chew of Haribo Maoam Joystixx. The vibrant flavour and soft texture make these chewy delights a must-have addition.
Haribo Maoam Joystixx, a chewy sweet sensation for your pick n mix

The Third Scoop: A Rainbow Burst

Add a tangy zing to your Pick n Mix bag with the colourful Haribo Rainbow Strips Zing. Each strip explodes with fruity zest, giving your candy collection an electrifying edge.

Finalising Your Mix: More Rainbow Goodness

Complete your candy curation with the scrumptious Haribo Rainbow Strips Zing Share Bag. This treat presents more rainbow goodness, perfect to share or to save for later.
Haribo Rainbow Strips Zing Share Bag, a sweet finale to your pick n mix

How long can you keep Pick n Mix sweets?

Once your dream bag is assembled, a natural question arises: “How long can you keep Pick n Mix sweets?” Typically, your treats will last for a few weeks if kept in a cool, dry area. But let’s be honest, can anyone resist their candy charm for that long?

The true joy of a Pick n Mix bag lies not just in its creation, but in savouring each delectable bite. So don’t delay! Begin your dream candy journey and indulge in the sugary bliss of your customised Pick n Mix.