Discover the Sweet Inside Story of Jelly Babies

What’s Inside Jelly Babies? – A Delightful Unwrapping

Are you intrigued by what’s inside your favourite squishy, tasty, and colourful Jelly Babies? We invite you to join us on a delicious journey at Duncan’s Sweet Shop exploring the inner workings of these cherished sweets, their various incarnations, and the companies that tirelessly work to perfect them.

What’s Inside Jelly Babies?

Jelly Babies: A Bite into Their Sweet History

Originating in 1864, Jelly Babies have etched their presence into the heart of British confectionery. Beginning as a simple sweet treat, they’ve evolved into an array of unique versions, whilst preserving their characteristic baby-like form.

Jelly Babies: A Bite into Their Sweet History

The Core Ingredients of Jelly Babies

At heart, Jelly Babies comprise sugar, glucose syrup, water, and gelatine. To this simple base, manufacturers add natural colours and flavours, creating the iconic Jelly Baby profile. Depending on the type and the company, some may also include fruit juice or other ingredients.

Core Ingredients of Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies Varieties: Taste the Rainbow

Over the decades, we’ve been introduced to an exciting array of Jelly Baby variations. Let’s explore some of the popular ones.

Barratt Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies Varieties: Taste the Rainbow

With a soft jelly core enveloped by a fine layer of sugar, Barratt Jelly Babies serve as an epitome of timeless sweetness and tanginess.

Bonds Mini Jelly Babies Treat Bags

Barratt Jelly Babies

Compact and vibrant, the Bonds Mini Jelly Babies Treat Bags offer an ideal solution for those who seek a quick, fruity fix on the go.

Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies & Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies 2.5 kg

Bonds Mini Jelly Babies Treat Bags

Craving a unique fusion of sweetness and a zesty kick? The Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies hit the spot, available in both small 100g packs and a larger 2.5 kg size.

Haribo Jelly Babies & Haribo Jelly Babies Wine Gum Gift Box

Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies

The renowned confectionery giant Haribo puts a unique spin on the classic Jelly Baby with their version of Haribo Jelly Babies. The Wine Gum Gift Box further elevates the treat by merging two favourites into one delightful package.


The Sweet, Unforgettable Journey of Jelly Babies

From their sugar-coated surface to their jelly-filled interiors, Jelly Babies remain a treasured confectionery delight for people of all ages. Whether you fancy the classic Barratt Jelly Babies, enjoy the miniature satisfaction of Bonds, love the effervescent twist of the Fizzy Blue variant, or relish the Haribo rendition, there’s a Jelly Baby designed to delight your taste buds.