The Art of Chocolate Making: Unwrapping the Mastery of Peter Svenningsen

Renowned Chocolatiers: The Masters of Fine Arts

Renowned chocolatiers, akin to grand masters in the sphere of fine arts, don’t just craft their masterpieces from any run-of-the-mill chocolate. The essence of their confectionery creations springs from a premium source, a canvas of superior chocolate – and in the case of esteemed Danish chocolatier, Peter Svenningsen, that canvas is sourced from the revered chocolate maker, Friis-Holm.

Uncompromising Virtue of Svenningsen

Svenningsen is not one to compromise, a virtue that defines him and echoes within every chocolate he meticulously crafts. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his choices, from using the artisan waters of Iskilde in Denmark or Svalbardi in Norway, even arctic iceberg water, to partnering with like-minded craftsmen known for their devotion to quality ingredients – fruits, berries, spices, herbs, and more.

The Magic is in the Product

Throughout his 28-year career as a graphic designer, he internalized a golden nugget of wisdom from Madison Avenue’s advertising guru, Bill Bernbach, “The magic is in the product“. This mantra has been the driving force behind Svenningsen’s switch to the world of chocolate around three and a half years ago. It still fuels his pursuit of crafting magic with water-based chocolates, where a compromise in ingredient quality is instantly unmasked.

The Balance between Perfection and Finance

As with any art, the pursuit of perfection often disregards the realms of finance. For those like Svenningsen, whose hearts beat for the authenticity and uniqueness of their chocolates, the intricate interplay of costs, profits, and passion can sometimes turn into a challenging dance. He profoundly shares, “Many times a piece is not just a piece, but an intricate labor of love and skill. When you weigh the cost against profit, it often discourages, but the allure of creating an extraordinary piece of chocolate overrides any second thoughts.”

Collaboration and Business Acumen

Collaboration with fellow chocolatiers, like London’s innovative Fifth Dimension Chocolates, has often been fueled by the same passionate heart. Albert and Russell, the minds behind Fifth Dimension, stress the significance of passion in making superior chocolates. However, they wisely caution that crafting the best chocolate alone isn’t sufficient. Without business acumen, the world may never taste your craft, underlining the significance of mastering the art of business in the chocolate-making world.

Challenges Beyond Creation

This non-creative aspect of the industry – tackling bureaucracy, marketing, forecasting orders, inventory, shipping – is often the most daunting for chocolatiers worldwide. In London, Fifth Dimension faces challenges in selling online, creating unique and practical packaging, and maintaining a steady supply of fresh chocolates that meet their high-quality standards.

Solo Chocolatier: Viviane from Chocolate Chilli Mango

In Melbourne, the solo chocolatier Viviane from Chocolate Chilli Mango grapples with the arduous tasks of photography, marketing, administration, temperature regulation, and ingredient storage. Despite the challenges of running a small-scale operation, her love for chocolate and pastry, paired with a physics PHD, helps her find the right balance.

Venezuelan Pride: Cacao Art

Meanwhile, in Miami, Isabel and Susana from Cacao Art take pride in their Venezuelan heritage, emphasizing that their chocolates are not just candy but finely crafted food. Their greatest challenge is not only crafting balanced ganaches or achieving a perfect shine and snap in their chocolate, but also overcoming Miami’s extreme heat and humidity.

Success in the World of Fine Chocolate Making

To make it in the world of fine chocolate making, it’s clear that virtues such as integrity, passion, patience, and business savvy are paramount. Peter Svenningsen stands as a testament to these virtues, infusing each piece of his chocolate with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Despite the inherent challenges, the sweet reward of success makes the journey worth every effort.

More Than Just a Sweet Job

Now, the next time you savor a piece of chocolate, spare a thought for the intricacies and passion that went into its creation – it’s much more than a sweet job.