Exciting News: Welcoming the Second Cohort of Target Forward Founders

We are overjoyed here at Duncans Sweet Shop’s Retail News to announce the latest batch of innovators in the Target Forward Founders program. This exciting initiative, managed by the Target Accelerators team, pledges to propel founders who have historically had fewer resources. Through the expansive reach and capabilities of Target, the program ensures more democratic access to opportunities, quality education, and indispensable resources.

Scheduled to take off on January 25 for its second run, the program is prepared to introduce a medley of brands across various product realms like personal care & beauty, food & beverage, entertainment, home, and baby. Let’s explore these groundbreaking brands.

Personal Care & Beauty Brands

Look Good, Live Well

An advocate for body positivity, Look Good Live Well offers a place for individuals to honor our inherent healing powers and attain radiant, joyful skin.

Luxurious Peace

Luxurious Peace is an eco-friendly wellness brand committed to uplifting individuals with skin issues through the use of clean beauty and plant-based products.

Mirage Waterless

With a goal to conserve the environment, Mirage Waterless creates innovative, water-activated beauty products that add a dash of brilliance to your daily regimen.

Nurture from Nature

Delivering all-natural sugaring, skin and body care, Nurture from Nature covers all facets of personal care with ingredients that are both gentle and effective.

People of Substance

People of Substance is a clean, tattoo-friendly skincare brand that seeks to highlight people’s distinct personalities.

Ralphie and Alice

Ralphie and Alice bring affordable, gender-neutral personal care products to the market, reinventing consumer self-awareness and confidence.

Home and Baby Brands

Brief Transitions

Brief Transitions provides breathable, stretchy, and seamless mesh underwear for new mothers, catering to their post-childbirth needs.

Create and Crescent

Create and Crescent aspires to establish American traditions for Muslim households during festive occasions.

Desert Moonlight

Desert Moonlight specializes in handcrafted cement candles, unique to the senses and intentionally designed for daily rituals.

Dog & Whistle

Dog & Whistle, an environmentally conscious company, produces upcycled dog treats and meals.

kisskiss goodnight

kisskiss goodnight endeavors to help youngsters with sensitive skin develop strong, resilient skin through their microbiome-friendly skincare.

North 24th Home

North 24th Home offers non-toxic, safe cleaning products that encapsulate the joy of Saturday morning cleaning sessions.

Splattmat Just for Kids

Splattmat Just for Kids is a parent resource and a tool for childhood development that every parent can benefit from.

Stay tuned to our Retail News segment for further updates on these inventive brands and their growth in the retail market!